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Our Salesforce Professional Services engagement is an end-to-end solution that provides you with a dedicated project manager, QA & UAT support, industry best practices, and unlimited access to the Blue City Client Portal. It can be used as full-time, part-time, or hourly dedicated resources based on your unique project needs and includes services such as crafting strategies for full organization implementation, full implementation of scoped strategies, creating reports and dashboards, setting up intelligent workflows, building out quoting and billing automations, and more.

Salesforce Professional Services

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Salesforce Advisor Services is a monthly subscription that provides customers with on-demand service when they need it. It includes access to Blue City’s Advisory Portal, 8×5 support from a certified Salesforce Professional, full documentation of all interactions with their Advisory Team, and unlimited access to support across the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Advisor

$1,499.00 for 1 month with a 2-day free trial

Our Approach.


Based on our discussions we’ve identified specific design elements and we provide you with the number of estimated hours and the amount of time it will take.  You give us the green light and we start.  We only bill for the actual amount of time required to complete the design tasks so if we estimate 10 hours and it only requires 8, we would invoice you for 8 hours.


This is more complex but we are fantastic when it comes to developing and managing project plans .. and you and your team are part of the process.  In the case of a Project Design, the first step is to fully scope the project.

Project Designs are typically related to more complex design requirements such as a series of new objects, new processes and workflows, time-based alerts, visual force components and formulas, enhanced security settings, community designs and back-end data integrations.


  • Identify required objects:  standard and custom based on the license type that is the best value for your company
  • Review fields including advanced formula fields and rollups summaries
  • Determine record types and page layouts
  • Evaluate object structure and relational database structure
  • Review the user interface for page layout and user experience enhancements
  • Review the various options on the lightning interface design
  • Review data migration requirements
  • Determine analytical reporting and dashboard requirements
  • Determine processes, approvals, flows, workflows and alerts requirements
These are the basic items related to a project and once we review these items we move into other design related items such as:
  • Can the design be enhanced by using Visual Force design elements
  • Review the possibilities for Communities
  • Is there a back-end system integration that could enhance the system
  • Discuss other design related enhancements to improve the overall functionality of the system
Once we’ve reviewed each of these items, including “time to complete” estimates, we are ready to prepare an estimate using or project estimator tool:
  • The estimate is prepared with all the details related to the required design elements
  • We have a detailed review with you and go through the estimate, line by line, to insure that it works within your budget and we send you a copy of the initial estimate in excel
  • We modify and update the estimate as needed
  • We have a final review of the estimate
Once we’re all in agreement on the estimate and overall nature, scope and timeline for the project, we are ready to prepare a final statement of work:
  • We send over the statement of work
  • We review for any final changes
  • We execute the Statement of Work
  • We start immediately

At this point, we dive in.  We create a project plan using our Blue City Studios instance of Salesforce.  We track all our work and we provide you with a weekly summary of completed tasks and overall progress on the the design.


You are engaged in this process and you’re seeing the design take shape as design elements are added.  We have weekly design review calls scheduled with you from the time we start right through the go-live process.  We are also in constant communication with you through emails and unscheduled phone calls.  Whatever it takes for a successful implementation .. that’s all we care about.

Already have Salesforce up and running but need help taking the next step?

  • Strategies for full organization implementation
  • Advice on reports and dashboards
  • Setting up intelligent workflows
  • Building out quoting and billing automations
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Have questions before you get started?

We’re there when you need us. Whether you need ASAP Advisory Services, or are looking to start a new project with us, drop us a line with your questions and one of our team will get in touch with you shortly.